Materials Used
Vise by Tim Wright 1

  • Vise body and jaw—S7 tool steel heat treated to RC58
  • Lead screw, handle and jaw retaining plate-416 stainless heat treated to RC42
  • Lead screw nut—4-11 aluminum bronze
  • Telescoping lead screw guard—1095 spring steel, pre hardened
  • Jaw pads—black linen micarta
  • Jaw depth——1 11/16″
  • Jaw width—-2 3/4″
  • Approximate construction time–200 hours.

Vise by Tim Wright 2The goal here was to make a versatile bench vise that would be strong, durable, have decent capacity, be light enough to maneuver on a universal ball joint without struggle, be pleasant to the touch and easy on the eyes.

To reduce weight, improve appearance and feel, all possible surfaces were contoured and tapered. Weight reduction holes were drilled in the base as can be seen in the third photo from the top.

The stationary jaw was tapered to give better access to parts held close.

Vise by Tim Wright 3There is a set screw at the handle end of the lead screw with a leather pad under it giving steady mild pressure to the cross handle. It is easy to move the handle to a desired position and have it stay there.

This vise has been temporarily mounted on my old factory made ball joint until I can find the time to make a new, heavier ball joint from scratch. The second photo from the bottom shows the ball, machined from H13 and hardened to RC53. It has a 3″ diameter ball and a 2″ shank compared to the original 2″ ball with a 1″ shank